“Do we have to offer Occupational Health?” A question most employers are asking

When employees are exposed to certain health risks from their work activities; the employer has a legal duty to implement a health surveillance programme.

Occupational health is a service put in place to help keep employees safe and healthy whilst working and to identify any risks that are likely to cause work-related ill health. It’s part of the parcel to providing duty of care to employees!

Health surveillance is quite often over looked as not a legal requirement, BUT it may be required by law to control risk of exposure to employees in harmful working environments such as noise, vibration, dusts, fumes, ionising radiation.

You might be thinking, what is health surveillance?

Health surveillance or general medical is an ongoing check of an employee to detect ill health at an early stage which will allow employers to introduce better controls.

Work related lung disease is great problem in the Manufacturing industry with 141,000 workers with work related breathing or lung problems and 36,000 workers suffering the same problem who have worked in the last 12 months.

WOW a lot right?…

Working in the Construction industry is far greater than any other sector for causes of lung disease in the UK.  Isocyanates, solder fume, stainless steel welding fumes and wood dusts are all generated by everyday construction tasks and cause occupational asthma.

“Construction is among the top 5 industries for deaths from COPD”


– Prevent work related ill health and or the worsening of a condition
– Reduce the risk and cost of legal action
– Improve staff motivation and morale
– Increased profit, productivity and performance
– Maintaining happy and healthy staff


Carry out a risk assessment for your workplace to identify the need for health surveillance and for certain health risks there is a statutory duty on employers to provide occupation health surveillance.

We work closely with an occupation health Nurse and can offer General Health Surveillance Medicals to your organisation.  Our General Medicals include lung function tests, hearing tests, eye tests, skin checking for allergies, dermatitis and includes a General Medical Questionnaire.

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