NVQs & CCDO Training

CCDO Card Training Courses in the North East

At Northern Safety we specialise in providing CCDO Card Training Courses across the North East, including Stockton, Middlesbrough, Teesside, Durham and Newcastle. The CCDO Card courses that we offer at our centre are a requirement for anyone who will be hired in the demolition field and will work on site. When it comes to health and safety courses, at Northern Safety the courses we provide are carried out by our qualified trainers who have all of the skills and knowledge required to ensure the correct practices and procedures.

Why do I need a CCDO Card?

Increasingly many Demolition/Construction Site Managers now request that workers hold the relevant CCDO card before being allowed access to site to carry out demolition related activities.


  • Adopting Smart Cards will help improve Health and Safety on site by ensuring that operatives have the appropriate experience, skills and qualifications to carry out the role they are employed to do, whilst at the same time help to reduce and eliminate the possibility of fraudulent cards being used to access sites.
  • Smart Card use greatly simplifies and speeds up the task of checking cards required of site managers at the point of access to site by means of a simple and easy to use App via a smartphone, tablet or a card reader attached to a PC/Laptop.
  • If you are a self employed operative, you can use the CCDO Smart Card to keep training records and certification up to date.

All CCDO scheme Smart Cards are affiliated to the pan industry Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) and carry the affiliation logo accordingly, therefore eliminating the requirement for separate or additional CSCS registration.

If you require any information regarding your current card renewal you can contact the National Demolition Training Group on 01442 217144 (option 2) or visit ndtg.training.

The above information was correct at the time of publication 11/01/2017.