External Site Audits and Inspections

Health and Safety Site Audits in North East England

At Northern Safety we’re specialists when it comes to Health and Safety Audits and inspections and we provide them across StocktonMiddlesbrough and Teesside, as well as DurhamNewcastle and the North East of England. The Health and Safety Inspections that we provide are to the highest standard and will ensure your organisation runs and operates safely and successfully. When it comes to Health and Safety Audits and Inspections, at Northern Safety the courses we provide are carried out by our team of qualified trainers who have the skills and knowledge necessary to ensure the correct practices and procedures.

Health and Safety Site Inspections across North East England

When it comes to Health & Safety Audits are a vital tool for successful safety management, they enable organisations to maintain and improve risk management. An audit by Northern Safety’s team of experts would provide a systematic evaluation of an organisation’s health and safety performance; helping to demonstrate that a company is achieving objectives and have a reliable and effective policy, organisation and systems in place.

Why does my business need a Health and Safety Audit?

The main reason your organisation needs a health and safety audit is so that you comply with health and safety legislation which includes the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the regulations made under this Act. It’s important that you regularly examine the quality and effectiveness of your health and safety management systems. It’s notable that when the HSE conduct their investigations into major accidents, it usually highly health and safety management failures as being the root of the cause.

The main reasons why you need a health and safety audit

  • Essential feature of successful health and safety management systems
  • Control systems which may weaken over time and need to be reviewed constantly
  • It facilitates planned improvements to the safety management system to reduce losses
  • It helps to improve skills and identify weaknesses in human resources
  • It helps demonstrate management commitment to employees, health and safety committee members and third parties
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Site Inspections and Audits from Northern Safety

At Northern Safety our team of professionals will visit your site to observe the working conditions and practices, and where appropriate interview staff; Examine existing organisation, policies, procedures against external management standards such as: OHSAS 18001, BS 8800, HSG 65.

The team will then discuss findings with designated persons and agree possible actions as part of the company’s overall health and safety management programme.

For a professional health and safety site audit and inspection in North East England, look no further!

Should you require a heath and safety audit and inspection in Stockton, Middlesbrough and the Teesside area as well as Durham, Newcastle and North East England, call Northern Safety today. We can provide the information you need to ensure that you receive a policy that works for you. Simply call our training health and safety advisers today!