CoSHH Assessments

CoSHH Assessments

At Northern Safety Ltd we assist businesses with their legal obligations to ensure suitable and sufficient CoSHH assessments are in place for all hazardous substances, while providing advice and support on implementing effective control measures to eliminate or substitute exposure and occupational ill health.

We work with the customer to establish a list of hazardous substances used and create an inventory of substances.  With cooperation from the employees using the product, identifying the process involved, the duration it is used and with the up to date SDS Safety Data Sheet, our advisor will prepare a CoSHH Assessment for the specific substance.

Legal Aspects of a CoSHH Assessment

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (CoSHH) Regulations require every employer and self-employed person to make suitable and sufficient assessment of all hazardous substances they use.  A CoSHH assessment is not just a paper exercise, it’s about taking sensible steps to prevent ill health.  Company’s need to know how workers are exposed, and to how much, before decisions can be made to either replace that substance if possible with a non-hazardous product or if you need to do anything to reduce their exposure to prevent or adequately control those risks.

In addition where the employer employs five or more employees (including part-time staff) then he has to record the findings.

Hazardous Substance is something that can cause ill health to people at work.

For further information please refer to the HSE website – A brief guide to CoSHH:

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