Silica Dust

Serious and life-threatening lung diseases can be avoided if exposure to silica dust is adequately controlled.
Make sure you control exposure to silica. See the video below which explains more about silicosis:

What are the Risks to your Health?

HSE inspectors are visiting manufacturing businesses to ensure workers’ health is being protected from the risks of respirable crystalline silica (RCS). Employers have a legal duty to protect their workers respiratory health. Inspectors are checking that employers and workers know the risks and have control measures in place to prevent exposure to RCS which can cause irreversible lung disease in breathed in over time

What is Silica?

Silica is a natural substance found in varying amounts in most stone, rocks, sand and clay. These materials may contain large amounts of respirable crystalline silica (RCS), which can be fatal if particles are breathed in over time

Silica particles are produced during many manufacturing tasks. Brick and tile manufacture and cutting, stone working and foundry work can all produce silica particles in the airborne dust which are too small to be seen. Regularly breathing in this dust over a long time can cause irreversible, life-changing lung diseases

Even breathing in small amounts of silica dust (RCS), as shown here, puts you at risk of developing lung disease.

You can find out more information through the Work Right website linked Below:

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