1 Day Confined Space Training in the North East

At Northern Safety we provide Confined Space Training in the North East of England, this includes Stockton, Middlesbrough, Teesside, Durham and Newcastle. The Confined Space Training Courses that we provide at our centre are for those working in confined spaces such as vessels, silos, tanks, chambers or other similar environments. When it comes to health and safety courses, at Northern Safety the confined spaces courses we provide are carried out by our qualified trainers who have the skills and knowledge necessary to ensure the correct practices and procedures.

Confined Space Courses in the North East

The Confined Space Training course is great for those people whose job involves being in a confined space or poorly ventilated environment for all or some of the time. It also explains the dangers of this type of work and emphasises the importance of following all safety advice. Our team of qualified trainers will educate you on the procedures and equipment needed in order to remain safe when working in a confined space. For more information, feel free to call Northern Safety today.

What does the course cover?

A confined space is an area which is substantially enclosed (though not always entirely) and is one where serious injury can occur from hazardous substances or conditions within the confined space or near to the space (e.g. lack of oxygen).

A number of people are killed or seriously injured in the UK each year in confined spaces. These incidents occur across a wide range of industries, from those involving complicated machinery through to simple storage solutions. Health and safety training will enable employees working in confined spaces to get the job done safely.

What will you learn?

  • Risk assessment of confined space hazards.
  • Types of gaseous atmospheres, portable gas monitoring equipment and their use.
  • The use of harness tripod, man-riding winch/fall arrest and safety lines.
  • Emergency preparedness and procedures.

This course can be carried out at our training centre in Thornaby or at a site of your choice providing all necessary facilities and equipment are available.

At Northern Safety our experienced health and safety advisers can provide a range of information to make sure that the course you choose is the right one for you. Simply call our team of professionals today!