Accident Inspections

Accidents are caused by active failures or latent conditions which can lead to human error or violations. Active failures are the acts or conditions precipitating the incident situation. They usually involve the front-line staff, the consequences are immediate and can often be prevented by design, training or operating systems. Latent conditions are the managerial influences and social pressures that make up the culture (‘the way we do things around here’), influence the design of equipment or systems, and define supervisory inadequacies. They tend to be hidden until triggered by an event. Latent conditions can lead to latent failures: human error or violations. Latent failures may occur when several latent conditions combine in an unforeseen way. We all make errors irrespective of how much training and experience we possess or how motivated we are to do it right.   Accident investigations are an important part of preventing an accident to happen by finding the underlying (or latent, root) causes which is the key to preventing similar accidents.  Northern Safety Ltd have experienced accident investigators who can assist in these incidents using their vast knowledge and offering a thorough and objective investigation.